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Eight ‘healthy’ foods you might not realize are ultra-processed – from whole-grain bread to salad kits and SALTED NUTS

Many foods that are generally considered healthy, like whole-grain bread and salad kits, are still considered processed

It’s no secret that chips and frozen pizza are packed with long lists of hard-to-pronounce ingredients, but some seemingly healthy foods may not be any better.  Many products generally considered ‘good’ are still highly processed, which means their production involves adding or altering raw ingredients, such as by storing them in oil or putting sugar or salt into them. While whole-grain …

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More signs the obsession with veganism has had its day? People more likely to eat food if it’s NOT labelled meat-free, study shows

US scientists found people were more likely to choose a vegan option for dinner if the dish wasn't labelled as such (stock image)

By John Ely Senior Health Reporter For Mailonline Updated: 13:23 EDT, 29 August 2023 The best way to encourage people to eat vegan might be not to mention the concept at all, a new study suggests. Scientists in the US found people are far more likely to choose a vegan option if the food wasn’t actually described as such. Across …

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