ITV Loose Women star Ruth Langsford confirms diagnosis that has kept her off air

ITV Loose Women star Ruth Langsford confirmed a diagnosis that has kept her off the popular daytime programme. The presenter, 63, has not been on our screens all week as she tried a number of remedies to get over the ‘lurgy’.

The star has now taken to social media to confirm that she has in fact been diagnosed with a chest infection, The Mirror reports. She is now on a course of antibiotics to get on the mend.

Taking to Instagram, Ruth wrote: “My ‘lurgy’ is actually a chest infection! So here I am on antibiotics and a steam vaporiser twice a day!” She shared a short clip of the vaporiser in action, before a clip shortly after showed a box of lemon, ginger leaf and manuka tea with Langsford writing: “I’m trying everything!”

The announcement comes as Ruth has been keeping fans updated with her ailment since failing to appear on Loose Women, Monday. In a post on Tuesday, Ruth showed herself blending a mixture of lemon, orange, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, honey and a ‘big splosh’ of whiskey – something she described as a “hot toddy”. Taking to Instagram, she wrote: “Got the Lurgy! So I’ve made myself a hot toddy and I’m going back to bed!

“Lemon, orange, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, honey and a big splosh of Irish whiskey. Let’s hope this does the trick….if nothing else it should help me sleep!” Two days later, Ruth returned to detail how she was still feeling run down, and had made a “healthy soup” to try and remedy her ailments.

Lobbing the ingredients into a pan, she penned: “Still got the lurgy! Got out of my sick bed to make myself some healthy soup though. Gathered what veg I had and added a carton of @frejafoods Chicken Bone Broth – just discovered this thanks to my lovely friend @justinemjones – it’s delicious! (bought and paid for, not an Ad!)

“Thanks for the recommendation Justine! Added some cooked chicken and simmered the whole lot into a bowl of nourishing goodness. As my granny used to say….”that’ll put hairs on your chest”!!”

Friends and fans alike also rushed to the comments section of Langsford’s post – suggesting their own home-made cures for sickness. One, suggested: “Old fashioned bone broth soup is the best remedy for a cold or flu. Full of anti inflammatory goodness. Grandma really did know best,” while another, quipped: “I had the lurgy last week and Chicken and veg soup sorted me out. Get well soon.”

A third, went on: “Hope you feel better soon x yes put lots of healthy food in your body,” while a fourth, added: “I made the same thing yesterday! Although I added a handful of orzo and it bulked it out a little. It was scrummy so had two bowls.”

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