Burning Man Gets Stuck in the Mud: Live Updates

With the “temporary metropolis” of Black Rock City still surrounded by deep sludge, it’s not yet clear when Burners will be able to drive out. Aside from that disrupting the post-burn plans of tens of thousands of people, there are on-site logistical concerns, the Reno Gazette Journal reports:

The closures and order to remain in shelter come as the event was supposed reach its zenith on Saturday night with the burning of the giant wooden Man effigy towering over the temporary city. All vehicle traffic within the encampment has been halted, including servicing for the thousands of portable toilets that make the event possible. Organizers have also begun rationing ice sales. Many attendees appeared to remain in good spirits, playing beer pong in the muddy streets or splashing in the standing water. Techno continued echoing around the encampment, and spontaneous dance parties kept breaking out. Walking was almost impossible Saturday morning, but started to improve as the ground began to dry. Then it began raining again.

Organizers seem hopeful conditions could improve by Monday night, and are lining up mud-capable vehicles to handle any emergency evacuations in the meantime. They also say they are setting up temporary cell towers and expanding WiFi access.

Event organizers have already rationed ice sales, but Burning Man regulars typically bring a lot of supplies to the encampment, and so far there have not been any reports about food or water shortages.

The only way off the playa, as of Sunday, is a 5-mile hike across the mud to Washoe County Road 34, which is paved.

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