8 Easy Maharashtrian Vegetable Dishes To Make And Relish At Home (Recipes Inside)

8 Easy Maharashtrian Vegetable Dishes To Make And Relish At Home

This list of Maharashtrian vegetable recipes can help you plate up a yummy feast

Maharashtrian Vegetable Recipes: Do you love Maharashtrian cuisine? Are you looking for something beyond the usual snacks and popular dishes? Do you specifically want to make Maharashtrian food for lunch or dinner? Then we have some lip-smacking recipes for your reference. We have compiled a list of Maharashtrian vegetable dishes you can easily recreate at home. From quick and simple treats to elaborate traditional delicacies, there are many options to choose from. Most of these Maharashtrian vegetable recipes are also good for those who are dieting. Check them out below:

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Here Are 8 Delicious Maharashtrian Vegetable Recipes You Will Enjoy:

1. Bharli Vangi


Maharashtrian Vegetable Recipes: Bharli vangi translates to stuffed brinjal. Photo Credit: iStock

This is a traditional Maharashtrian delicacy that consists of stuffed brinjals (aubergine or eggplant). They are filled with a flavourful mixture and then cooked to further enhance the aroma. Bharli Vangi is a must-try for anyone who loves this regional cuisine. Read the recipe here.

2. Bhogichi Bhaji

This dish may not be as well-known as bharli vangi, but is an equal treat for your taste buds. Here, the star ingredient is not one vegetable, but a mouth-watering combination of several veggies. This mixed veg preparation can be paired with some bajrichi bhakri for a wholesome meal. Find the detailed recipe here.

3. Kolhapuri Vegetables

This is another mixed veg dish from Maharashtra you will enjoy. What makes it stand out is its irresistible aroma and distinctive heat, thanks to the use of a wide range of spices. After all, that is what Kolhapuri cuisine is generally famous for. Find the complete recipe here.

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4. Zunka


Maharashtrian Vegetable Recipes: Zunka is a traditional dish made with besan, veggies and spices. Photo Credit: iStock

The base of zunka is besan, but it is not a kadhi or curry-like dish. It may still be considered a vegetable dish as it is a relatively dry preparation of besan, onions, curry leaves, coriander and spices. Zunka is the perfect choice when you’re in the mood for something simple and satisfying. Here’s the full recipe.

5. Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji is among the most famous Maharashtrian vegetable dishes. It is popular not just in the country, but around the world. The bhaji itself is a spiced preparation of tomatoes, potatoes, onions, cauliflower and other everyday ingredients. It is traditionally relished with pav. But you can also use the bhaji to make a delectable tava pulao. Find the recipe for pav bhaji here. If you’re interested in the pulao, click here for the recipe.

6. Takatla Palak

This is a Maharashtrian palak (spinach) dish that you must try. The leafy green veggie is cooked with chana dal, besan, buttermilk and spices. It may remind you of kadhi, but with a special twist. Takatla palak can be easily prepared at home in around 30 minutes, provided you soak the ingredients in advance. Here’s the complete recipe.

7. Batata Bhaji


Maharashtrian Vegetable Recipes: Enjoy this comforting batata bhaji with puris. Photo Credit: iStock

Various parts of the country have their own version of aloo or batata (potato) bhaji. Even within Maharashtra, you may find different varieties. But if you need a recipe for reference, look no further. Watch the video here. Make sure you savour this yummy batata bhaji with some hot puris.

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8. Maharashtrian-Style Bhindi

There are so many different and delicious ways to cook bhindi (okra). If you want a dish inspired by Maharashtrian flavours, we’ve got you covered. In this spicy dish, peanuts as well as thecha are used to give the bhindi mixture a unique twist. Intrigued? Watch the recipe video here.

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Try one of these Maharashtrian vegetable recipes for your next lunch or dinner. Let us know how you like them!

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