It Happens Here: Watertown’s FoMu ice cream is different, healthier and all plant-based

WATERTOWN – There’s something about Massachusetts and ice cream.

“Somebody said to me recently, you should petition your local politician to make Boston the city of ice cream because Boston has the highest per capita consumption of ice cream and ice cream shops in the country,” Deena Jalal, the founder of FoMu in Watertown, told WBZ-TV.

She started her plant-based ice cream shop more than a decade ago, mainly because she loves ice cream. 

“Ice cream is my favorite food and everywhere I would go, I would seek out the ice cream place and try all different ice creams,” Jalal said.

But she wanted her ice cream to be different and a lot healthier. So, she opted to take the plant-based path. FoMu essentially stands for “fake milk” – fo (fake) and mu (cow).

“I decided to rewind and start with really well sourced ingredients, and, at the time, that meant to me coconut milk,” Jalal told WBZ.

Everything is made from scratch at her shop in Watertown, even the cakes.

“When we bake our own products, we know what ingredients are in it. So, we know that they are going to be all natural, we know they are going to be plant-based. A lot of people are gluten free, so we try to have some gluten free options in there,” she said.

There are now six FoMu stores in Boston.

“People are trying more plant-based foods, dairy-free foods, I feel like there’s less education around it that has to happen and more just like, this is delicious,” Jala said.

For more information visit FoMu’s website.

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