The 12 Healthiest Crab Cake Brands On The Market

Costco may pride itself on its ability to offer bulk items at competitive prices, but it’s not as well known for the nutritious quality of its foods. Every now and again, though, it stocks an item that’s both plentiful and relatively good for you. Its Phillips Crab Cake Minis – which are also available in other stores — is one such product.

These fun-sized cakes are particularly attractive due to their sodium levels, which are one of the lowest of any commercially produced crab cakes on the market. Six mini cakes will set you back 270 milligrams of sodium, or 12% of your daily value — which is not bad for a processed food.

Phillips Crab Cake Minis are also refreshingly low in carbohydrates, with only 6 grams in every serving. Of these 6 grams, none of them are sugars or added sugars. The ingredients list, meanwhile, is free of any confusing or obscure items, and instead full of additions that you’ll likely have in your own cupboard, like Worcestershire sauce, eggs, paprika, and mustard powder. Even its breadcrumbs, which can sometimes contain an array of oils, starches, sweeteners, and additional ingredients, are pretty simple, made from just wheat flour, salt, sugar, and yeast. ‌

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