Owner of Kokni Kanteen, Girish Desai, informs that on the first Monday of Shravan, out of all the thalis sold (they offer fish thali, vegetarian thali and Shravan thali), around 38 per cent were Shravan thalis. It is literally a crowd puller, as it is relished by Goans and tourists alike.

“For Shravan thali, we usually serve traditional Goan dishes like alsyanache tonak without onion, chanyanche tonak without onions, varan, rice, phodi (potato/banana/bhindi fritters), valachi bhaji, maskaji bhaji, aamadyachi uddamethi, ross, etc. For the sweet dish, we have nachnyache satva. Also, our menu changes every time as we use seasonal and local produce. So, if we get fresh vegetable on that day, then we make a dish based on that,” says Girish.

The restaurant serves Shravan thali on Mondays and Thursdays as Girish maintains that these two days are observed more religiously.

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