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Re your correspondent asking why vegans would eat food that resembles meat (Letters, 21 August), I see no contradiction in vegans fancying a plant-based burger or even “ribs” because many now taste as good as the animal alternative and are just as quick and easy to cook. Also, there’s a massive advantage – you don’t have to ask a fellow human being to kill an animal, which seems a bonus. I’m sure plant-based meat is an easy bridge and pathway to a vegan diet, which certainly would have been welcome when I tried veganism in the 1970s.

The Guardian recently reported on Oxford University research on veganism concluded that it will play a much bigger part in stopping the climate catastrophe than once expected.
Philip Windeatt

The market for vegan products that resemble meat might not only be meat-craving vegans, but also meat eaters looking to cut back. In our case, meat eaters looking to cut back due to having an eight-year-old pescatarian child.
Kevin Carter
Sale, Greater Manchester

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