Winnebago eRV2 electric camper van powers in the direction of “eVanlife”

Winnebago eRV2 electric camper van powers toward "eVanlife"

Winnebago methods to begin 2023 exactly simply exactly how it began 2022, revealing its most existing all-electric camper van version. A follow-up to in 2014’s e-RV, the new van generally happens the eRV2 as well as additionally will definitely work as a truly concrete upgrade of Winnebago’s electric camper development program. Among its changes, the eRV2 has a much shorter, sportier account as well as additionally a moved invoicing port that implies an overhauled powertrain.

As it performed in 2014, Winnebago will definitely subject its version EV at the Florida Recreational Vehicle SuperShow. While the eRV2 remains to be a design, Winnebago has in fact acquired it much enough along in development to truly feel comfortable making use of a marginal selection of exam drives throughout the program, which varies from January 18 to 22.

The really initial modification that right now protrudes is the invoicing port included in the eRV2 grille rather than behind the driver’s side door as on the preliminary e-RV. That, integrated with a battery charger that places on a Ford badge (in the video, not introductory photos), suggests one of the most current van comes built atop a production center Ford e-Transit rather than a Lightning eMotors conversion Transport.

This screenshot discloses the Ford badge on the battery charger, leading us to believe Winnebago has in fact relocated to a production center Ford e-Transit base van


The switchover to a production center E-Transit could streamline factors for Winnebago, nonetheless it would definitely consist of a significant hit to driving selection. Ford estimates a weak 108-mile (174-km) selection for an E-Transit products van with high roof, an activity below the eRV1’s presently lowered 125-mile (201-km) differ estimate. The preliminary eRV trusted Lightning’s 86-kWh battery pack, while Ford prepares the E-Transit with a smaller sized 68-kWh pack. Lightning eMotors furthermore supplies a larger 120-kWh battery with as long as 200 miles (322 kilometres) of selection.

If in fact the eRV2 is based upon a Ford e-Transit with producing center 68-kWh battery pack, Winnebago can be able to counter numerous of the battery reducing with an onboard leisure battery as well as additionally solar invoicing arrangement. In 2015’s version depended completely on the powertrain battery to power onboard camper gadgets like the induction cooktop, refrigerator as well as additionally roof-mounted a/c system as well as additionally did not bring a solar invoicing system.

This profile shows a shorter overall length than the original eRV, along with what appears to be solar panels above the windshield
This account discloses a much shorter overall dimension than the preliminary eRV, along with what appears photovoltaic or pv panels over the windshield


A few of the really initial eRV2 photos disclose what appears a solar array fit perfectly to the front of the roof over the windshield. Mobile home photovoltaic or pv panels tend to be made use of to power the corresponding batteries, not the vehicle grasp battery, so it assures these panels would definitely bill an onboard leisure battery to power camper gadgets, reserving the Ford battery power for driving. Still, without any sort of range-extending treatment for the crucial battery, 108 miles is 108 miles – an unlike a prolonged journey without constant invoicing stops.

The eRV2 appears based upon a much shorter Transport than the preliminary e-RV. Both variants share a 148-in wheelbase, nonetheless the eRV2 has a considerably much shorter back overhang as well as additionally side residence window, advising it’s riding on a Transport Long rather than Comprehensive structure.

Winnebago is maintaining back the rest of the info for the full January 18 establishing, nonetheless you can see a bit much more of the hidden version in the rapid clip listed here.

#eVANLIFE is coming – 01.18.2023

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